UEFA (Plaintiff) vs. Karanveer Kamra (Defendant in Person) in Delhi High Court


It’s been a very important day for me. I defended my own case against UEFA “Union European Federation Association” in Delhi High Court. Many of you know about UEFA. It’s the biggest football association which organizes UEFA Champions League. UEFA filed a case against me in Delhi High Court for infringement of trademark and violation of copyright. And, claimed damages of Rs. 1 Crore.

Actually, last year I filed a trademark and copyright application for Delhi Champions League in youthful exuberance. I am a fan of football and I always wanted to see football on a level where cricket is today in India. I wanted to promote football. So, one day I had an idea which I named Delhi Champions League. I designed a logo for the same and filed the application to promote it, innocently. I created pages on social-media and started a website www.delhichampionsleague.com

But, due to my studies and work I couldn’t do it. And, one day I received a file more than 500 pages from court. The first page of the file, UEFA (Plaintiff) vs. Karanveer Kamra (Defendant) in Delhi High Court. Trust me, it was unbelievable. I mean, I was in shock but I was feeling excited too. That, maybe I have done something remarkable if UEFA has eyes on it.

I did not hire a lawyer for my case, instead, I decided to represent myself as Defendant in Person in Delhi High Court. I saw this as an opportunity being a law student to learn many things from my own case.

I didn’t know where to start. But, I just wanted to do it on my own. So, one day before the next hearing I visited UEFA’s law-firm. And, we had a conversation. I explained UEFA and Delhi High Court that my intention was to only promote football in Delhi. I did not use the trademark for any business. UEFA was kind to me after hearing my story. They offered me compromise. And, I accepted. Champions League belongs to UEFA. And, I respect the fact.

Finally, the settlement was done between me and UEFA before Hon’ble Justice of Delhi High Court. I was happy to sign the settlement but I could never work on my idea Delhi Champions League again. But, it was all worth it when UEFA’s law-firm told me something which was satisfying. They said, “Mr.Kamra, you are a fan of football, and now UEFA knows your name.” #delhichampionsleague


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