My journey to the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi


I would like to share something. Well, past few months had been really important because I had really worked hard to get something. Well, some people like to call it a dream but I like to call it a goal because that gives a clear view with a plan.

I always wanted to do MBA because it’s a trend. But, maybe I wanted something else, really. And, that’s law. It’s always been law but I never realized it until December of that year. I started preparing for law entrance exam in January of the following year and still I wasn’t serious for it because I always had a backup plan. I remember around in March I talked to few people about it and wanted to make myself clear about my plan. And, I loved to study law and the Constitution of India.

I remember everything was going okay until a day one of my mentors told me that I can’t do it. He said “you’re not good enough and you can’t do it”. I couldn’t forget what he said and there’s nothing better than proving someone wrong, trust me. And, this was a motivation. I told myself, this year or it’s never going to be again in life. And, maybe when I’m old I’ll think about it that I wish I was serious at that time. So, I took a decision and put my energy on my goal. I even deactivated my whatsapp, facebook, instagram and all distractions for last 100 days before the exam. I tried to study at least 10 hours with breaks but daily to be consistent. And, the night before the exam, I couldn’t sleep at all. I was not worried about the exam, I was prepared but I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep. And, before the exam I prayed to god for one final time for blessings. Finally, the exam got over.

Then, next day I calculated my marks according to answer key. I was happy but not safe because it’s about cut-off and you don’t know how much other people have scored. There are 1000 seats for general category students in Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. I prayed to god every day. And, finally result came out. I scored 284 marks and rank 185 all India in DU LLB Entrance Exam. That was unbelievable, trust me. I thanked god for what he’s given me. I thanked god for blessings because of sacrifices I made for this goal.

I really believe, if you really want something you’ll get it if you work hard and believe in yourself. #facultyoflaw